Here at the West End Community Urban Garden & Nursery, we stand by the motto “Alleviating poverty through sustainability.” We strive to bridge the gap between the seniors and the youth through education and toiling in the soil.

Haylene Head shot 3

While working in real estate, she started a nursery near Athens. She is famous around local farmers’ markets for growing fruits and vegetables native to the Caribbean in Atlanta’s soil. Her tropical pumpkins and hibiscus sorrel earned her names of “Haylene Garden Queen” and “The Hibiscus Sorrel Lady.”

When her sister started a community business in the West End of Atlanta, Haylene began cultivating an acre of the land. She’s helping to teach the community about farming, and growing to provide easier access to fresh (and tropical) produce.

For many years, Mrs. Green-Hightower has led the way in forging naturally organic gardens in such areas as: the Dekalb branch of the University of Georgia, Fayetteville, Atlanta, Naples in Florida, and in areas of Jamaica as a certified Master Gardener and Specialty grower. Her gardens are unique in that she specializes in multi cultural gardening, including many products thought to be grown in more tropical environment.

Through her own research, Mrs. Green-Hightower has tapped into the method of gardening in organic soil utilizing holistic techniques to yield larger than life produce and is now ready to equip other farmers and growers with this brand of knowledge concerning food security and safety, and sustaining the environment for years to come.

Her goal is to teach people the art of growing fruits and vegetables naturally; container gardening, raised beds gardening, hanging baskets, and other limited space gardening for sustaining themselves and their community.

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